2nd Seattle TV Station Covers Pedestrian Serenade; Live Show on Facebook This and Every Saturday; Pedestrian Serenade Update…

Hi everyone,
I hope this newsletter finds you well and you are managing through these unbelievable times. Please stay connected with family and friends and feel free to get in touch with me any time. It is not “social distancing” that is important, but “physical distancing”. We need “social closeness”. Here are some things that are keeping my wife and me busy. While, she is extremely busy with her work as director of the Alliance of People with disAbilities (LIKE them on FACEBOOK), she always has time to help me with my crazy music ideas.
KING 5 TV in Seattle ran a story about my Pedestrian Serenade on their “Evening” magazine show. It is similar, yet different from the one that Q 13 did two weeks ago. They were here at our house at the same time, but covered different angles and interviewed different people. It was very well done.
Here is the link for the KING 5 story:https://youtu.be/kh9XEM_OtEA
Here is the link for the previous story on Q13:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDWcavg34QI
I am going live again this Saturday at 9:00 eastern time (6:00 out here in Tacoma). I do this from my Facebook page Jim Meck (musician) but we discovered you do not have to have a FB account to watch because it is a public page. Simply go to www.facebook.com/JimMeckMusician and when prompted to log in or create an account, simply click “Not Now” and you can watch live as well as see my previous shows and posts. If you do have a FB account, you can join in the conversation and make requests. We love it if you comment to let us know you are watching. My wife Kimberly does an amazing job letting me know who is tuned in and what they want to hear. It gets really busy at times so we occasionally miss requests, so just comment again. It really is like the old days of gigs back east and we are all having a lot of fun.
For those interested in supporting me through my “Virtual Tip Jar”, I thank you so much. Please use Paypal – Paypal.me/JamesMeck956 – or Venmo – www.venmo.com/Jim-Meck – and be sure to confirm the link is correct by finding my picture on the page. Some folks opt to send a check instead, and my address is 3105 N. 29th St. Tacoma, WA 98407. Again, none of this is expected by any means, but certainly appreciated.
PEDESTRIAN SERENADE: Next one – Friday, April 24 5PM PDT
I am continuing to do shows from my front porch when our schedule and weather allow. The neighbors and people walking by really seem to enjoy it, and I love playing for a crowd no matter how many there are. For those in this area, Kimberly posts it in the Next Door app and on my Facebook page. This is not intended to be a gathering as we are all trying to stay safe, but there is some room to spread out in the yard . Sometimes I do it as a solo show, and sometimes a drummer, Glenn Hummel, sets up in the grass away from me. Kimberly and our nine-year-old Blaine advertise with sidewalk chalk. I have met so many more neighbors through all of this.
That is the latest from here. Enjoy the news stories and I hope you can join us this and every Saturday on Facebook.

Q13 Fox News in Seattle covers Jim’s Pedestrian Serenades, plus Staying Home In Tacoma SHOW continues live on FB every Saturday…

Q13 FOX in Seattle Covers Pedestrian Serenades

I have been performing live from my front porch to entertain those who are out and about walking through the neighborhood. Response has been amazing and word is spreading like wildfire. This is not intended to be a concert for people to gather, but there is space for pedestrians to pause a while and keep a safe distance from each other. There is even room for Glenn Hummel to set up his drums on occasion.

Check out the news story by Michael Driver from Q13 Fox News in Seattle.

I heard about people putting Teddy Bears in their windows, but as I walked through my neighborhood, I thought about how people who are blind like me can’t see them. So I wondered what kind of audio encouragement could be given to help relieve some of the effects of isolation. Why not play my piano on my porch? I had already started doing live Facebook shows from my living room every Saturday night. The weather got nice, so the next logical step was to do something outside.

I firmly believe that it is not “social distancing” we need, but “physical distancing”. We need “social closeness” where we stay in touch and communicate with each other more than ever, whether outside across the lawn or calling those who are isolating alone and having a nice conversation and see how they are doing. We all have an effect on each other. We just need to decide what kind of effect we have.

Staying Home In Tacoma SHOW Live on FB

I am continuing my Staying Home In Tacoma SHOW every Saturday night. Join me LIVE on Facebook starting at 6PM Pacific time (west coast) which is 9PM Eastern time (for my PA friends). Get in on the conversation and make requests; that is what drives the show. Some folks have also been hosting “Watch Parties” where they have their own circle of friends in a comment thread. This has proven to be a wonderful way for me to connect with family and friends back east, but I am receiving feedback from several people who are isolated due to disability or other reasons and I am told it is making a big difference for them. It sure seems like a win-win because I love to share music and others are enjoying it.

Please LIKE my FB page Jim Meck (musician) found at www.facebook.com/JimMeckMusician and enable the notifications for when I go live.

For those interested in donating to my efforts, please go to PayPal.me/JamesMeck956 for a PayPal transfer or if you prefer Venmo, use my email address jim@jimmeck.com. I appreciate all the love and support.



LIVE FB Shows, Pedestrian Serenades, and Private Zoom Parties, plus “Quarantine”, Jim’s new parody

Apologies in advance since Word Press is not fully accessible for people who are blind like me, so formatting, etc. may be messed up.

During this time of Social Distancing I am offering live shows every Saturday evening from my Facebook page, Jim Meck (musician). They start at 9PM if you are on the East Coast and 6PM if you are on the West Coast. If you are somewhere in between I’m sure you can do the math. Please LIKE my page and indicate you are going so I can invite more people. FB has an algorithm that limits my invites. Join in the conversation and let me know you are tuning in.

For those who have been asking about how to support me in this time of gig cancellations, please consider using my “Virtual Tip Jar” at PayPal.me/JamesMeck956 for a PayPal transfer or you can use Venmo and my email address jim@jimmeck.com. Some have also requested my address in order to mail a check. Please email me for that. Thank you to all who have graciously put digital “bread in my jar”!

In addition to Live FB shows I am also offering live music from my front porch each week to hopefully brighten up the day of those who are walking outside through my neighborhood. I am calling these my Pedestrian Serenades. At this point there is no consistent schedule, but I will announce them through my FB page. If you live in Tacoma, take a stroll in the North End on N. 29th Street between N. Alder and N. Cedar. The next one will probably be Wednesday, April 8th around 4PM.

I am exploring Private Zoom events that you can host and book in advance so you and your friends might enjoy your own virtual party with live music that is exclusive to your friends and family. If we do this through private invitations and password, we should avoid the latest “Zoom Bomber” threats. Why do people need to ruin things like this? If you are interested, please contact me. This can be anything from a get-together with friends, or a presentation and question and answer event concerning my music, my experiences, and/or my life living with blindness and the transitions throughout the phases of vision loss that are unique to my life. So this is an opportunity to have fun with friends, or design a presentation for your organization or company.

Finally, I was challenged by a friend to think about what Billy Joel song I could change to reflect the current situation in which we all find ourselves at this time. hAt first I refused, but as I kept thinking about it, I had an idea that I could not shake. In about an hour and a half I created a song called “Quarantine” based on Billy Joel’s “Honesty”. My apologies to him. I did not want to be disrespectful of him or the seriousness of the current pandemic as many people are dying and losing friends or otherwise suffering tremendously, not only medically but also through job loss and income. So while I mention a few lighter notes about our isolation, my main point is how much I miss getting together with friends, family, other musicians and all those who support my music. As of now it is not on YouTube, but you can find it on my FB page Jim Meck (musician). As of this writing it has about 3,000 views which is outrageous to me. I am pleased to know that some friends who have actually lost people close to them through this virus have affirmed that this song is respectful and some said “funny yet very classy”. That is quite a compliment. So check it out and let me know what you think.

That’s it for now I think. I hope this finds you well. Peace and love to all of you!



El Gaucho Tacoma, Vinifera, Rainier View Winery, Sorci’s and more… Book your holiday event now!

Book your Holiday Event Now! (610) 750-4526 or jim@jimmeck.com.

I will be at El Gaucho Tacoma on Black Friday from 6-10:30 and Vinifera Wine Bar on November 30 from 7-10.

Make your reservations now at Rainier View Winery for the extremely popular and always sold out “Sing to the King” event on December 14th.

Sorci’s in Sumner on December 21st is the place to be for amazing Italian cuisine and plenty of holiday music. I will be there from 6:30 – 9:00 and reservations are highly recommended.

Have an amazing holiday season however you celebrate it. May you enjoy love, peace, and joy during and beyond this festive time of year. Cheers!

Fall and Holidays Approaching, plus new date at Vinifera

It’s time to book your event for fall or the Holiday Season. Dates disappear quickly after Labor Day, so contact me if you are interested. I play a lot of solo gigs, but often have a drummer and/or sax player available for whatever your occasion or venue might find best.

In addition to this Saturday at Shaken in Eatonville, I recently booked another date at Vinifera Wine Bar in Auburn

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. Make plans for Friday, the 13th this September. It will only be bad luck if you don’t make reservations in time for this extremely popular venue. Music for both of these dates starts at 7PM. Hope to see you there.

Please contact me by email if you would like to see me play at your favorite establishment or event. Put in a good word for me and I will do my best to add it to my schedule.

Enjoy the end of summer, be safe, and keep supporting all the great live music here in the Tacoma/Seattle region.


Summer Schedule posted – website still getting worked on

Welcome to my website. Thej new schedule is posted and will be updated further shortly. It is quite a challenge since Word Press is not as accessible for blind users as I would like

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. But it’s what I have. Thank you for your patience. It seems there might be a Calendar page and a Schedule page, though the Schedule tab is the correct one to use.

If anyone can help me with my website, please email me.

Have a fun and safe summer and I hope to see you soon…

Welcome to 2019 – my website is back!!!


My website had been hacked, but my son Jonah just fixed it. So now I can start updating it again. What a mess! If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on my site, please let me know. Please check out my SCHEDULE tab for upcoming dates

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. The CALENDAR tab is still a work in progress. I have a lot to do, and it hasn’t been easy since my move to Tacoma, WA three years ago – hard to believe it is that long. I am still trying to figure out how to use WordPress with a screen reader since pretty much all of my usable sight is gone. Luckily I have the support and help from my wife, Kimberly, and together we will get my content up to date. Thank you all for your patience, and keep checking my Facebook page for more info.




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“LIKE” Jim’s Facebook Page, Jim Meck (musician), for the most up-to-date schedule or contact Jim.

Upcoming Dates and Latest News

Welcome to February. Here is a quick rundown on what is happening!


Saturday, February 4th 9PM The Hub at Puyallup
Come check out this very popular new restaurant. Get there early if you can.

Wednesday, February 8th 7PM Flanagan’s Craft Pub in Puyallup
This is one of my favorite regular venues. It is located right on Meridian. There is about two dozen craft beers on tap, plus a full bar. Excellent food includes Irish selections. There is also a pool table so you and your friends can rack ’em up while enjoying live music.

Tuesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day at Shakin (South Hill in Puyallup) I’ll be joining Jeff Mims and Chuck Jones for an evening of dining and live music for you to enjoy with that special someone. Tickets are required and you can get them at Shakin.

Friday, February 24th 8-12 Stuck Junction Saloon in Sumner
Come out for my return to this hoppin’ spot. I played here New Year’s Eve to a fantastic crowd and word has it that those who were there and those who missed it were insisting that The Stuck has me back, so make reservations or get there early. It’s another of my favorite spots and is where Jeff Mims hosts open mic on Wednesdays. Check that out as well

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Wednesday, March 8th 7PM Flanagan’s Craft Pub in Puyallup
Returning again to this very popular venue which features two dozen craft beers, excellent menu, and a pool table to challenge your friends while enjoying live music.

Friday, April 21st 8-12 Stuck Junction Saloon in Sumner
Back again to this hot spot. Make reservations and get there early.

Saturday, April 29th 7PM Admiral Pub in Seattle
This will be my first gig ever in Seattle (unless something comes along before then), so if you can, come out and support me for this.


Other News:

I’ll be joining Kimberly this month in Beaverton, Oregon for “Poppa Dick’s Sausage Fest 2017” with her dad and many family members and friends. This is an annual event where people gather from many states to make sausage and enjoy each other’s company. I’ll be providing the music once again.

I’m working on music for a recording session in Seattle at the famous Studio X, where artists like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Johnny Cash have recorded. I’m so excited to do this and I am honored to have been asked by Siggie the Vintage Man to provide tracks for his project.

In case you have not heard, Kimberly and I will be getting married in July. Mark your calendar for July 22nd as we will have an open picnic reception in Pennsylvania! Details will follow as far as exact location and time. In order to include as many of our friends as possible, we are asking that in lieu of gifts, everyone simply brings their own picnic food and beverages. We both hope you will help us celebrate the day!




2017 at Flanagan’s and debut at The Hub at Puyallup, plus recording session at Studio X.

2017 is starting off on a good note as I begin my second year in the Pacific Northwest

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pacific northwestI can hardly believe it’s been a year since I moved here from Pennsylvania. I greatly appreciate how local musicians and music fans have welcomed me into the community. Special thanks to Jeff Mims for including me at some of his gigs and referring me to several of the venues where he performs.

Here is what I have going on so far:

January 11, 2017 Flanagan’s Craft Pub in Puyallup 7-10
This very popular pub features about two dozen craft beers on tap, delicious assorted wraps, and Irish food selections. I highly recommend the Pot Roast. There is no cover charge and a pool table is available.

January 14, 2017 The Hub at Puyallup 8-11
This is opening weekend for this location. The Hub is famous for pizza, pastas and pints of Harmon Brew!

As always, your requests are welcome all night! Because I am blind, I would really appreciate if you let me know if you are there. This helps to avoid awkward situations as I have experienced over the years.


Other News:
I have been asked to participate in recording an album at the famous Studio X in Seattle. This is where Pearl Jam has recorded as well as the soundtrack for “The Hills Have Eyes” movie. I will give more details as they become available.

I also am very excited about my new logo and sign to hang on my piano during gigs!



Hope to see you soon…