New YouTube Video – more to come; plus Live FB Shows every Saturday and Pedestrian Serenades Continue…

New YouTube Video!

I finally figured out how to upload videos on YouTube using my screen reader after having to convert my files to something other than MOV files. So there will be more to come. Enjoy my original song DESIGNATED DRINKER with guitar legend Jerry Miller of Moby Grape. He is listed as #68 on Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Guitar Players of All-Time.


Join me every Saturday night at 9PM on the East Coast/6PM on the West Coast and other times in between as I go live from my Facebook pagse Jim Meck (musician). Note: You can watch without a Facebook account. Simply click on the link and when prompted to Sign In or Create hAccount, just click “Not Now”. You will not be able to comment and make requests, but at least you can enjoy.

Pedestrian Serenades are continuing from my front porch in Tacoma, WA as weather and schedules permit. These have been happening mostly on Fridays, but not always. Watch my FB page for that or if you are in Tacoma, watch for posts on the Next Door app. Note: These are not intended to be gathering events, but there is room to spread out safely and hang around for a while. My shows are in the north end of town on N. 29th Street between N. Cedar and N. Alder and I usually play from 5-7pm. This is my version of an “audio Teddy Bear” since people are putting those in windows, but I realized that people who are blind like me can’t see them. So, that is how it all started. Many thanks to my wife for making this happen. And thanks to the neighbors for encouraging this.

Many people have asked how they can support me since they are not physically here. If you want to “put bread in my jar”, please use PayPal or Venmo for this. Some folks have also requested my mailing address to send a paper check. I appreciate all the love and support you have shown me over the years with or without monetary donations.

I also want to let you know that when you make a transfer to my Virtual Tip Jar, I do get to read the lovely messages you add, but I have no way to respond individually to them. I am not ignoring the messages, just like I am not ignoring you if you wave to me at my shows since I am blind. Just know that I am grateful for the tips and I hope my music brings you as much joy as it does for me to share it with you, my friends.


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