Latest News! Check my Schedule for new dates including debut at A Street Pub

After a little break, it’s time to get back to the music. Check my schedule for new dates at Wicked Pie Pizza in Puyallup, Myles Pizza Depot in Eatonville, Twisted Fork Saloon in Point Ruston Tacoma, and my debut on March 24th at A Street Pub in Auburn.

Note that Myles Pizza Depot is now serving beer, wine, and ciders. This is still an all-ages place with arcade fun available.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day at Wicked Pie Pizza with heart-shaped pizzas. Love songs will fill the evening including several originals.

I made a promise to myself as well as to people who have been requesting them to play lots more original songs. I am already enjoying the positive response.

I am also trying to get out when I can to hear my friends at their gigs and attend some jams, so I hope to see you out and about. We have an incredible music scene here in and around the Tacoma area.

Thanks to the Tacoma Light Trail for including not just one, but two of my original songs on the trail this year. One was “Dance All Night”, an upbeat tune encouraging the use of music to get through the PNW winter weather. The other one was “Along the Way”, the title track of my album that you can get at any of my gigs, but also listen to on Apple Music and Spodify. Unfortunately most musicians receive nothing from those streaming services, so if you listen to local musicians through those companies, consider a kind tip at a gig or send some love through PayPal or Venmo. If interested, you can throw some “bread in my jar” by using or at any time. Thank you for those who have already done so.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!


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